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How To Publicize Your Apartment Party

Last week, I covered why you want to make sure that attendance is maxed out at your apartment party.  In other words, it’s not enough that you just throw an event, you have to actually get people there!  So this week I want to share ways to get the word out about your apartment parties!

When you think about publicizing an event, first consider that it takes several impressions to make an impact with someone.  For example, I think it takes 3 or 4 views of an advertisement before it makes an “impact”.  So having a mention of your apartment party one time in your newsletter will simply not cut it.  I would say for a big event, you have around four touch points with the resident, and maybe three for a smaller event.  Here are some examples:

1)      Your Newsletter:  If you have a newsletter, this is a perfect place to get the word out.  Make sure it has good visibility, and definitely use pictures of past events!  And take the time to make your text compelling!  If it doesn’t sound like an amazing event full of excitement, why would they bother going?   Remember that you are essentially selling them on the idea of going!

2)      Your Fan Page and/or Twitter account:  Again, use pictures of past events to show off your upcoming events!  Hint at what fun things are going to happen.  There are a ton of interesting ways to use your Fan Page to drum up interest!

3)      Email Blast:  Did you know that email is still one of the best ways to reach your audience?  Now some communities haven’t gathered email addresses from their residents.  STOP!  If this is you, immediately start collecting them!  Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.  This is incredibly important!  Now, send out an email well in advance of the event, and then send a reminder email the day before.

4)      Door Hangers:  This is more expensive and probably should be limited to the larger events, but it will get the highest amount of awareness for the event!

5)      In person:  When your residents come into the office to give you a maintenance request, to pick up a package, or to discuss their renewal, are you asking them if they are coming to the apartment party?  Make them feel as if you personally would love to see them there!

6)      Signs:  Putting signs at the gates is a great way to remind people of what is happening!

I bet there are several more unique ways to get the word out, especially if you are also using your party as outreach marketing!  But hopefully you now see that one mention simply doesn’t cut it!  Get the word out and drum up some excitement!

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  1. All the above are great ideas, what I would add is that whichever way(s) you contact/connect with your residents, make it personal. I found I was much more successful in getting residents to join in when I took the time to make a phone call, e-mail or write a note on the flyer personally to “Joe, hope to see you at the happy hour Friday. The whole group from the leasing office will be there and we would love for you to join us”. This puts Joe more at ease joining in for the first time, knowing he will know at least a few of the people there and he is wanted. We have all had the fear of walking in a room where everyone knows everyone but you…you arrive and the room goes silent as everyone turns to stare. Yes, personal attention takes a little more effort but it definitely works.

  2. I completely agree, Penny! This can take a bit of time, but is completely worth it!

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