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How NOT To Promote Your Apartment Party

A few weeks ago we discussed how to promote your apartment party, and I think I missed one: Put some effort into it! I am friends with a lot of apartment communities on Facebook, which means that I get invited to random apartment parties throughout the country every week.  Of those, I would sadly say 90 percent are mediocre invitations that do only enough to inform me of the event and add a small amount of detail.  Of the remaining, half are absolutely great and make me actually want to travel to Wisconsin to attend their “Busy Bee Bake-Off”, while the other half make me wonder why they are even bothering to make an event notification at all.

Without rewriting my previous blog about why you should bother promoting your apartment party, I want to remind that you shouldn’t be throwing a resident event just to say you threw it.  The goal is NOT to simply check it off the list!  So that means you actually have to entice people to actually show up!  Do you think this is very enticing?

How Not To Promote Your Apartment Party

This event invitation really just makes me want to scream at my computer, “SERIOUSLY??”  In the few words they bothered to put down, I know they are serving breakfast to potentially a large amount of people (assuming anybody actually showed up).  Food is a pretty expensive item, whether in actual cost or labor for preparation, so this is not going to be a cheap apartment party.  And yet, even with the expense already sunk into the event, this is how they are sharing it with their residents?

Breaking it down:

  1. They didn’t bother getting a picture.  Unfortunately, pictures are often one of the most overlooked and underutilized element in any promotion, but they are often one of the most important aspects!  It draws interest from the reader and significantly improves the visibility of the event.  So no matter what you do, include a picture!  I use Dreamstime, which provides images for as little as a dollar.
  2. Their time goes from 10am to 5pm!  This is a breakfast event, which means that they are not going to be serving past noon.  This just reeks of laziness to me.
  3. The description, oh the description.  One line was really all that they could muster?  Plus, “until we run out” is a necessary concept, as you don’t want to prepare food for 300 and have half of it spoil.  However, how unfriendly does that sound?  They could definitely have created a better way to present it.  Even five small minutes would have done wonders for this event description.

In the end, the biggest upgrade to this resident event listing is purely caring.  I can tell without a doubt that the person who posted it simply didn’t care about what they were doing.  Likely, their boss told them to put it on Facebook and this is what happened.  So, if there is a moral to this story, don’t spend tons of hours and money preparing an apartment party, only to drop the ball when you promote it!

(Note: If the person who created this event was just having an "off" day, I sincerely apologize.  We all have days where our best does not shine through, and this blog was pretty scathing!  Although I would still suggest leaving this important task off to when you have your "A" game, I apologize if I was overly ridiculing.)

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  1. You nailed this one! I have run an Adventure Group for twelve years and there are freebie online groups that try to imitate what I have done, but CARING is something you can not teach! When I had a bonfire on Mission Bay in San Diego, I would get 100+ people attending. Was it because they wanted to hang out and sit around a fire? Not really. They wanted to be entertained, introduced and made to feel like they were a part of something special. Sweating the small things like tiki torches, a guitar (someone always knows how to play), an icebreaker game, extra food and drinks for those who did not bring any, helping them with the grilling and most important, MAKING INTRODUCTIONS so no one felt like they were left out. HOST a party – never throw one!

    Also, your comment about the photos were right on target as well. A great description with the who, what, why, when and where are critical as well. Let them know everything they need to know as it will limit any questions they may ask.

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