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Group Picture at Your Apartment Parties

If you've seen a lot of pictures of apartment community events, you undoubtedly seen a lot of sad looking pictures.  It's just a tough thing to do, considering many times the people simply don't know each other, so they don't look connected in the picture.  The problem is that those pictures are your marketing materials for your next event!  So sharing a whole bunch of sad looking pictures will not help drive excitement down the road.  So instead of the normal picture of a table with four people talking, try these options:

1) Make them stand up!  Pictures of people sitting down just seems less exciting, no matter how you frame it.  Plus, they are always spaced out funky, so they don't look cohesive.  Instead, ask them to stand up and take a mini-group photo together.

2) Taking this a step further, have everybody at the community get together for a giant picture!  Plan this ahead of time, so you know where people will be facing and how they can stand, so it won't be awkward for too long.  But instead of just saying "cheese", make it a contest!  Tell them that whoever makes the craziest pose or face will get a $20 gift card as a prize!  You can even pull your social media program into this by sharing the picture on your Facebook page and asking for "votes" for the craziest person.

In the end, this is a great way to spur on conversation and people getting to know each other.  They are now bonded together in that picture, and you can even blow up the pictures and showcase them in your leasing office.

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