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“What did you do last weekend?”

It is amazing how much time we take trying to brainstorm new apartment party ideas, and yet so often we are simply off-base.  So why not do something incredibly simple to find out what your residents are interested in - just ask.  On a Monday, send out a one-question survey to your residents asking one question:  "What did you do last weekend?"  With this simple strategy, you will find out whether your residents are bar people, like live music, enjoy lounging at a coffee shop, hanging out with friends, are movie-goers, etc, etc, etc.  Use this invaluable data to create event strategies for your residents based upon their actual entertainment preferences rather than simply dream up events based upon your own interests.

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  1. This is a great idea! The call center I work for actually has a property management client that did something similar – they had a poll and used the hotline as one way to collect responses from residents. However, they didn’t request NEW ideas from residents or provide a way for people to suggest ideas that weren’t already listed.

    I think this approach would be a great way to not only get ideas, but to show residents that they’re actually being listened to.

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