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Alcohol or No Alcohol at Your Resident Parties?

When we discuss the alcohol issue for our resident events, there are two things we need to consider: Legal issues and the effect it will have on your party. I’m not going to go in-depth on the legal issues, whether you are offering alcohol or whether you are having residents bring their own, mainly because I’m not a lawyer and can’t give any advice on that. So for the purpose of this blog, I’m just going to assume you will figure that part out independently.

This now brings us to the question of whether you offer alcohol at your event from a party planning point of view. The first consideration is cost. When serving alcohol, you absolutely must have a bartender. I’ve seen residents go absolutely crazy when serving themselves food, and that was potatoes versus free booze. So there is a likely a cost to having a bartender at the event. And then there is the cost of the alcohol itself. Kegs can provide a cost effective solution, but it still can add up.

Cost aside, and assuming drink controls are enforced with your bartender, let’s talk about the effectiveness of alcohol at your event. Try thinking back to the last party you have been to that didn’t have alcohol… Hard to remember, right? Sad as it may be, alcohol loosens up people, and in an environment where most of your residents likely don’t know each other, this loosening up will probably smooth things over immensely in getting the party going.

Ultimately, if your goals include residents getting to know each other, then alcohol will go a long way to facilitating this interaction, even if that is somewhat of a sad commentary on our ability to meet new people without the use of booze. Just put safeguards in place to make sure that the system doesn’t get abused and your residents are safe, and your party will be greatly impacted by a tasty beverage.

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