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Ideas on Getting the Word Out About Your Community Event

Do you want your event to be a hit and have lots of participation? Great events don’t just happen, they take a clear idea and plan of execution and lots of repetitive advertising.

Be Creative!!!!!

  • Advertise in ways that have never been used before:
    • Rent may be due, but tag little reminders about your event to notices
    • Emails have to be sent to residents for various communication-put something at the bottom about your event reminding them
  • Cut signs out in creative shapes, use creative colors, and buy special paper- don’t leave them in the same location, change it up every few days
  • Buy or Make doorknob hangers
  • Hang signs in unusual places. Attract attention with how high, low or crooked the sign is – move these signs to a new location
  • Put your event on your resident referral letters.  What better way to earn extra cash if you’re a resident? Ask a friend to check out the community by coming to an event!
  • Use eye grabbing graphics to get people’s attention- which picture would make you look and read the details about a BBQ

This one?

“I am not your father…but, you are going to be my dinner…mmm BBQ”

  • DON’T LIE IN YOUR ADS…Even though “free airfare”, “Free tanning” “FreeRent” will get attention, residents will stop reading once they realize it is a gimmick

Advertise Early!!!!!

At least one month ahead…

  • Put it in your newsletter
  • Use  Evite, MyPunchBowl or PurpleTrail to send invitations and track attendance or regrets
  • Post on your community FaceBook Page- schedule it as an “event”  you can check back to see who is attending
  • Get it put up in a common area like the mail kiosk/center
  • Put a yard sign/boot leg sign– just enough info to keep them watching for more details

Two and one-half to three weeks ahead…

  • Put up posters/flyers
  • Make a smaller flyer and tape to all packages being picked up at the office
  • Post signs in the halls, lounge, computer labs, behind each bathroom stall, at the pool
  • Prepare more doorknob hangers or flyers

One week ahead…

  • Repeat announcement in the weekly bulletin or on a resident activity board
  • All leasing consultants should invite prospects to the event, give them a flyer- great reason to call them back

One or two days before…

  • Talk it up amongst residents and prospects- invite them to the event
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Boost Your Resident Participation!

Last month, we talked about the IKEA effect, where people who participate in creating something, have a higher satisfaction in the finished outcome.  So translating that into community events, if you get residents involved in actually creating the party, they will be happier with the event once it happens.  To extend on that idea, April Boham has some notes on finding volunteers and some specific ways they can help out!

Look to your residents to help out.  Search for a person from each building or floor (depending on your property).  You know those folks; the happy, friendly, always stopping by the office types.  They will become your ambassadors and a great source of advertising.

Explain your event and how you think they would be perfect for this special occasion.  Ask them if they would like to help out with something easy like the refreshment table.  They just make sure everything is kept tidy or replenished every 30 or 40 minutes throughout the party.  No one wants to clean up or set up, that is your staffs’ job.  Give resident volunteers the fun things to do. Here are some ideas:

Door Greeter- direct people to the event, drinks and food are there, activities are over here…

Talent Focused- face painting, caricatures drawing, bartender (non-alcoholic fun drink maker), animal balloon maker, kids or a mini-manicure, pedicure, chair massage therapy or a Barista at the coffee bar

Attendant- They can let you know when the garbage is overflowing or the ice is running low, you need more paper towels or toilet paper in the bathrooms.

Game Runner- for the more outgoing resident they may feel comfortable spinning people around to whack the piñata’, or calling numbers for BINGO, conducting a trivia Q & A game, helping kids with pin the tail on the donkey or some other game.

Set up/Break Down- I did say not to ask residents to do this kind of stuff, but some people love this part of the party.  I, myself am one of those people.  I would much rather set up the tables, blow up the balloons and take the trash out!

Planning a resident event can seem overwhelming due to a small staff or a limited budget. You cannot do everything, but that shouldn’t detract you from planning resident events.  You just might be amazed at the resources you have living right next door!

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