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Ideas on Getting the Word Out About Your Community Event

Do you want your event to be a hit and have lots of participation? Great events don’t just happen, they take a clear idea and plan of execution and lots of repetitive advertising.

Be Creative!!!!!

  • Advertise in ways that have never been used before:
    • Rent may be due, but tag little reminders about your event to notices
    • Emails have to be sent to residents for various communication-put something at the bottom about your event reminding them
  • Cut signs out in creative shapes, use creative colors, and buy special paper- don’t leave them in the same location, change it up every few days
  • Buy or Make doorknob hangers
  • Hang signs in unusual places. Attract attention with how high, low or crooked the sign is – move these signs to a new location
  • Put your event on your resident referral letters.  What better way to earn extra cash if you’re a resident? Ask a friend to check out the community by coming to an event!
  • Use eye grabbing graphics to get people’s attention- which picture would make you look and read the details about a BBQ

This one?

“I am not your father…but, you are going to be my dinner…mmm BBQ”

  • DON’T LIE IN YOUR ADS…Even though “free airfare”, “Free tanning” “FreeRent” will get attention, residents will stop reading once they realize it is a gimmick

Advertise Early!!!!!

At least one month ahead…

  • Put it in your newsletter
  • Use  Evite, MyPunchBowl or PurpleTrail to send invitations and track attendance or regrets
  • Post on your community FaceBook Page- schedule it as an “event”  you can check back to see who is attending
  • Get it put up in a common area like the mail kiosk/center
  • Put a yard sign/boot leg sign– just enough info to keep them watching for more details

Two and one-half to three weeks ahead…

  • Put up posters/flyers
  • Make a smaller flyer and tape to all packages being picked up at the office
  • Post signs in the halls, lounge, computer labs, behind each bathroom stall, at the pool
  • Prepare more doorknob hangers or flyers

One week ahead…

  • Repeat announcement in the weekly bulletin or on a resident activity board
  • All leasing consultants should invite prospects to the event, give them a flyer- great reason to call them back

One or two days before…

  • Talk it up amongst residents and prospects- invite them to the event
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